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Process Monitors
Battery Chargers

Murphy® products improve the protection,
performance and reliability of engines

For 75 years, people and companies around the world have depended on Murphy for monitoring and protection of their engines and driven equipment. Our product range includes engine instruments that monitor critical functions. We have J1939/CAN instrumentation, compressor controls, complete panels, auto start/stop controllers and more.

We have a history of reliability, with products designed to meet the highest durability standards. Customer needs drive our research, development and forward-thinking innovation. To meet market changes, we constantly create new solutions, improve our existing products and maximize our manufacturing efficiency.

What's New >

Upgraded PV350-R2 monochrome display for vehicles and engine-driven stationary equipment
The latest upgrade to our configurable monochrome display. More>

Release 2 of our powerful, flexible engine & pump controller. More>

TEC-10 control panel for engine-driven equipment

Sealed control panel, with functionality as MPC-10 below. More>